Ambulance Board, Jaycees discuss special event rate

Last night’s meeting of the Russell County Ambulance Board lasted nearly two hours, about half of which involved a discussion about the new special event rate approved by the board last year.

The board approved a special event rate last year that consists of a flat fee of $829.40 along with $50/hour for EMS crew when they are booked to stay on scene at a special event usually due to insurance purposes.

After a lot of back-and-forth discussion about the rate between the board and a group of six Russell County Jaycees at the meeting, the two groups reached a conclusion for the Jaycees to check with their insurance to determine if it is a solid requirement for an ambulance to be on scene for events at the fair that include motorized vehicles.

The ambulance board said after that is done, and if an ambulance is required, they hope to be able to “work something out.”


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