Kynect enrollment is now open for health, dental benefits

Kentuckians can now shop and enroll for health and dental coverage that begins in 2023 on the state-based marketplace, kynect.

Kentuckians who don’t have coverage through another source, such as through an employer, Medicaid, the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare or TRICARE, can shop right now for individual coverage on kynect. All plans offered on the marketplace cover 10 essential health benefits, including emergency services, hospitalization, lab services and prescription drugs.

Enrollment is open through January 15, 2023.

Kentuckians can browse plans by typing in their zip code on the kynect site. Enrollment assistance is also available by contacting a kynector, someone who is trained to explain coverage options, either online or by calling 855-459-6328. A licensed health insurance agent can also help.

Open Enrollment in a qualified health plan overlaps with other annual open enrollments. Medicaid members may change their coverage provider through Dec. 2. Medicare beneficiaries may make changes through Dec. 7. Both Medicaid and Medicare members’ enrollment choices take effect on Jan. 1, 2023.