KSP provides ‘back to school’ safety reminders

With Russell County Schools set to get back into session in less than a week, Kentucky State Police are providing some safety reminders to citizens and motorists.

As students return to school there will be an increased presence of law enforcement in the school zones enforcing the reduced speed limits. Officers say to be mindful of these school zones and reduce speed as appropriate while driving by any school.

And as school buses return to their routes, drivers are reminded to abide by the stop sign on the side of the bus when they are stopped allowing children on and off the bus. KRS classifies passing of a loading or unloading school or church bus as a Class B Misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class A Misdemeanor for the second or greater offense. State police say you may even see law enforcement following bus routes to ensure compliance with the school bus stop arms.

In regards to the Safe Schools Program, state police, along with local law enforcement agencies, have been conducting school walk throughs and training programs with schools prior to students returning to the classroom.