Over 10,000 new KY voters ahead of primary

Voter registration recently saw a boost ahead of the May primary election here in Kentucky.

Back in March, voter registration increased by 3,817 voters, with 10,698 new registrations, while 6,881 voters were removed – 5,874 deceased voters, 613 felony convicts, 300 voters who moved out of state, 71 adjudged mentally incompetent, and 23 who voluntarily de-registered, according to Secretary of State Michael Adams.

Democratic registrants make up 45.4 percent of the electorate, with 1,617,582 voters. Democratic registration declined by 2,112, a 0.13 percent decrease.

Republican registrants make up 44.9 percent of the electorate, with 1,597,403 voters. Republican registration increased by 4,289 voters, a 0.27 percent increase.

In addition, 9.6 percent of voters, or 342,711, are registered under other party affiliations, which added 1,640 voters, a 0.48 percent increase.

Learn more by going to sos.ky.gov.