Oscar Tshiebwe Says His Father “Is My Hero” and Laid Foundation for His Faith


Oscar Tshiebwe admits his father “is my hero” and laid the foundation for his strong faith in God that he has been sharing in various ways across the state since Kentucky’s basketball season ended.“He was a pastor. I grew up in the church (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo),” Tshiebwe said. “He was always trying to help everyone.”His father was poisoned and died when Tshiebwe was only 12 years old.“I was mad at God. My daddy was helping people and God took him. But I kept talking to God and my father told me to never lose God right before he passed. I never forgot that,” Tshiebwe said. “I always remember him telling me when you give everything to God he is going to help you.“My dad said if you lose God, you lose everything. That’s why my dad is my hero.”Tshiebwe joked that his mother, who still lives in the Congo, really didn’t understand the significance of the season he had where he led the nation in rebounding and was the consensus national player of the year. However, he knows his father would be much prouder of how he’s sharing his testimony than his basketball accomplishments.“He would be very proud because the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. My dad showed me this way because it is the true way and I believe Jesus Christ is the teacher. We have a great life through Christ. My dad taught me that and I never forget that,” Tshiebwe said.That’s why Tshiebwe never seems to have a bad day and even accepted the losses UK basketball had in its last two games.“When you are in the spirit of God, you know God never had a bad day. Every day you should rejoice and enjoy. Even when we lose, I know it is part of the game and we should just be happy and move on,” Tshiebwe said.Tshiebwe admits he never anticipated he could have the type of basketball season he had but also never thought he would have such a platform to share his faith with so many people.“I know the spirit of God will speak to me when I talk. I read the scripture and will share the good word. God says not to worry because he is going to speak through me,” Tshiebwe said. “This is special and incredible to do this. I am just so excited to do this in Kentucky because I really do love Kentucky so much.”