LCDHD Retail and Restaurant Inspection Report

The following is the latest retail and restaurant inspection report from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department. These inspections took place in January and February of this year:

Price Less Foods: Food Service 100 percent, Retail 99 percent-floor under retail area shelving unclean

People’s Cafe’: Food Service 93 percent-grease build-up on floor and wall at grill area, wiping cloths not stored in sanitize solution, handwash sign required at handwash sink in food prep area, back storage room door not properly sealed, upright freezer in need of defrosting, and ladies restroom trash can not covered

Roses: Retail 99 percent-water fountain not working properly

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Food Service 100 percent-OK to open

Kroger: Food Service 100 percent, Retail 98 percent-hard to reach areas of the floor throughout the store unclean, back water fountain by restroom not working, and dishwasher not reaching the correct wash temperature

An establishment may pass inspection by having a score between 85 and 100 but critical violations must be corrected within 10 days. Otherwise, violations are expected to be corrected by the next inspection.