Transportation Cabinet looking at placing traffic lights at parkway ramps

In an effort to improve traffic concerns on Highway 127, the transportation cabinet is examining the possibility of installing traffic lights at the parkway ramps, making it easier for vehicles to pull out onto 127 from the ramps.

As the transportation cabinet gathers feedback about Highway 127, this is what was written about the possible addition of traffic lights.

Both the eastbound and westbound Cumberland Expressway ramp intersections with US 127 are currently unsignalized. This allows the high traffic volumes on US 127 to flow freely. However, vehicles on the ramps have difficulty turning onto US 127, especially left turns, during peak traffic periods due to the constant stream of vehicles on US 127. Improvement options include installing traffic signals and installing an additional northbound lane between the westbound off ramp and the KY 619 intersection. The estimated construction cost of this concept is $400,000.

You can see other possible improvement concepts here.

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