Russell County is at 210 Active COVID-19 Cases

IMPORTANT – Due to the continued increase in positive cases it may be several days before you are contacted by the health department. If you’ve tested positive for COVID19 please isolate yourself immediately, do NOT wait on a call from the health department.

Please notify anyone you may have been in contact with so they can begin quarantine. Visit for more specific COVID-19 guidance.

Of today’s 731 reported cases, 634 (88%) were unvaccinated and 215 of today’s cases (29%) were in individuals 18 years of age or younger. Please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones. Consider getting the vaccine if you are eligible and haven’t, and wear a mask when in indoor settings where there are large crowds.

Statewide Testing Positivity Rate: 13.74%.

Deaths: We are sad to report 8 new deaths since our last report. We have experienced a total of 531 deaths resulting in a 1.71% mortality rate (about 1 in 58) among known cases. This compares with a 1.31% mortality rate at the state level and a 1.61% mortality rate at the national level. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

Hospitalizations: We presently have 53 cases in the hospital. This is 3 less than what we reported in our last report. We have had a total of 1,516 hospitalizations resulting in a 4.89% hospitalization rate (about 1 in 20) among known cases. The state hospitalization rate is 4.39%. The latest data shows that 95.65% of Lake Cumberland’s ICU beds are filled, and 45.07% of ventilator capacity is being utilized.

Total (Cumulative) Cases: The Lake Cumberland District has experienced a total of 30,983 cases since the onset of the outbreak. This means that 14.83% of our total population has been a confirmed case. However, we do not know how many additional people may have had COVID-19 and were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and never tested. Of our total cases, 1.13% are reinfections, and 5.26% contracted the virus after being fully vaccinated (breakthrough cases). In the last week, 6.63% of our new cases were breakthrough cases.

Released (Not contagious) Cases: We released 1462 cases since our last report from isolation. Released cases include: Adair: 78; Casey: 161; Clinton: 88; Cumberland: 50; Green: 92; McCreary: 103; Pulaski: 385; Russell: 206; Taylor: 214; and, Wayne: 85. In all, we have released 94.8% of our total cases.

Active (Current) Cases: Taking into account deaths and releases, our active cases decreased by 740 more than the new cases we added since our last report. This leaves us with 1,079 active cases in our district across all 10 of our district’s 10 counties. On 09/03/2021 we were at our peak number of active cases, 1,815.

Where Did Cases Visit Prior to Isolation: The most common places cases visited prior to isolation are (in descending order): Schools, Family, Businesses, and Medical Facilities. Of our active cases, 22% can not be tied back to another known case (community-spread cases).

New Cases: We report that our total case count has increased by 730 since our last report. Our new cases (including suspect cases) are as follows: Adair: 33; Casey: 90; Clinton: 15; Cumberland: 46; Green: 45; McCreary: 46; Pulaski: 237; Russell: 104; Taylor: 86; and, Wayne: 28. Our current new case growth rate is: 1.00919. This means our total case count is projected to double every 75.77 days. The most new cases we ever added in a single day was on 09/07/2021 when we added 731 cases.

The eight deaths we report tonight include four Green County residents (all unvaccinated) – one who was in the 50-59 year age group, one in the 60-69 year age group, and two others in the 80-89 year age group; an Adair County resident (unvaccinated) who was in the  70-79 year age group; two Taylor County residents (both unvaccinated) – one who was in the 60-69 year age group, and the other in the 70-79 year age group; and a Casey County resident who was in the 50-59 year age group.

We also deleted one case in Taylor County that was found to be a duplicate.

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