Bridges to Hope has first clients; continues to move forward with vision

This is a follow-up to a story published by Laker Country in October 2020. To read that story, click here.

Greg Stinson hasn’t wavered from his vision. When WJRS News caught up with Stinson, the owner of Bridges to Hope on W. Cumberland Avenue in Jamestown last year, Stinson and a group of volunteers were in the early stages of renovating the old apartments just off the square in Jamestown that were in desolate condition.

It was a monumental task ahead, but Stinson continued on and this year, was able to move the first clients into the program, which provides secure housing and peer support for people in addiction recovery.

The property includes 12 living units and Stinson continues to work toward remodeling all the units, along with office spaces on the property, but some units have already been complete with a couple clients and newly-hired staff occupying the spaces. Bridges to Hope – Jamestown is staffed by a property manager and live-in house lead.

There are two clients currently in the program, but Stinson said he expects to add more in the coming weeks, as remodeling on more of the units on the property are completed, and he begins to advertise for openings.

By the end of next week, Stinson said the plan is to have eight more beds open for women who are in recovery.

The project has been self-funded, as Stinson has used funds from his houseboat cleaning business, and waits to hear from other funding sources, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to pursue his vision.

“I’ve tried to live very thrift fully, especially during this time, so I’ve been taking what I can to put in here to help get to this level,” Stinson said.

As work has continued and progress has been made, Stinson said he’s seen more support from the community.

“We’ve had a lot of verbal support,” Stinson said. “What is changing is that people are driving by now and they see that the place looks a lot better outside. We’re actually doing what I said we were going to do. I think people are starting to open their eyes and see there are actually real results going on.”

How someone can be admitted into Bridges of HopeĀ 

Stinson provided some information on how someone can be admitted into the Bridges of Hope program.

“We have an intake process form, and the first thing they need to do is contact us,” Stinson said. “We’ll do a phone interview to see if they are a fit and we’re really looking for people who are coming out of drug recovery situations.”

Stinson said he’s received a variety of messages from people in a number of different situations, and while he’d love to be able to help everyone, the focus remains on those coming out of drug addiction.

“We have several partners in the area, so if we get a referral from someone we know, and they say that person is a great fit for our program, the process is shortened,” Stinson said. “If it’s someone we don’t know and they’re really new into recovery, it’s a more thorough process. We’re looking for people that are committed to getting themselves to the next level of their life.”

How you can help

Bridges to Hope is looking for gently used stainless steel appliances, couches, love seats, chairs, small kitchen tables and chairs, kitchen items, twin beds, dressers, and end tables.

Stinson said they do have a budget and can pay for those items.

They’re also looking for people who can lay carpet and vinyl flooring at reasonable rates and professional landscaping.

Anyone who is interested in helping can call 502-794-3628 or find Bridges to Hope on Facebook here.


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