Davis Gate and Wire Manufacturing Expanding to Jamestown

The City of Jamestown has announced a local manufacturing company is expanding and will locate its new facility in Jamestown. In an unusual late Friday afternoon press release, the City announced it had sold property located on Airport Road to Davis Brothers Properties, LLC, for the building of a metal fabrication facility.

In the announcement, Ashley Davis and Adam Davis, the owners of Davis Gate and Wire Manufacturing company, said it intended to build a 50,000 to 100,000 square foot facility on the property to expand into the tubing industry. Davis said initially their company will start with 15 to 20 well paying jobs, and plan to grow into 20 to 30 jobs within two years. Davis also indicated more expansion into manufacturing steel products than they currently used. The current facility for Davis Gate and Wire is located on North highway 127 near the Russell-Casey county line.

Jamestown Mayor Nick Shearer said the development of the property will benefit the City of Jamestown by providing employment opportunities and expanded industry in the community.