Voting Changes for Upcoming Primary

Changes to how persons can vote in Russell County during the upcoming June 23rd primary election have been announced.  

County Clerk Sue Popplewell Brockman says the changes are necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 state of emergency in the state.

Most significant is that ALL voters in the county will be eligible to vote by absentee ballot and no precinct voting will be allowed on election day. 

Brockman says Persons can vote absentee by one of three ways:  absentee voting by mail, absentee voting by drive-up, or absentee voting in person.  

Persons wanting to vote by mail can request a ballot be mailed to them by going to   Once requested, a ballot will be mailed within three days.  

Voters may also apply for mail ballot by calling the clerk’s office at 343-2125, 343-1417 or 343-1415.

For the June 23rd primary only, registered voters may drive to the Russell County Courthouse, call the clerk’s office, and an application and ballot will be brought out to your vehicle.

Finally, Brockman says, voters can still cast their ballot in person at the clerk’s office.  Beginning June 8th, persons interested in voting in person may call the clerk’s office and schedule an appointment to come in and vote up thru Election Day.

On Election Day, voting precincts will NOT be open across the county and the only place to vote on Election Day will be at the County Clerk’s office.

Persons needing more information may contact Clerk Brockman at 343-2125

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