School Board Meets Tuesday

The Russell County Board of Education is set to meet at 12:00 pm Tuesday at the Russell County ANC in room 114. Guests attending the meeting will be required to seat six feet apart and or wear a mask and attendance is limited to no more than 50. The meeting can be viewed live by visiting

The full agenda is below…

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Adoption of Agenda
  4. Lake Cumberland Regional College and Workforce Center Construction Update
  5. Consent Agenda
    A. Approval of Minutes
    B. Payment of Bills
    C. School Activity Fund Reports
    D. Financial Report
  6. 2020-2021 District Funding Assurances
  7. Bond of Depository
  8. Application for Adjunct Instructor Certificate/Rate of Pay
  9. Annual Board Action for Emergency Teacher and Emergency Substitute Teacher Certification.
  10. Contracts/Memorandum of Agreements Approval
  11. 2020 KSBA Policy Updates (#43-Final Reading)
  12. Executive Session (Superintendent Evaluation KRS 61.810(1)(k)/Preliminary Discussions)
  13. Resume Meeting
  14. Superintendent Ford’s Summative Evaluation
  15. KSBA Policy Update- 1st Reading (Policy 03.211, Medical Examination)
  16. Review of Procedures
  17. Public Comment
  18. Personnel Reports
  19. Adjournment
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