School Board Meets Monday Evening

The Russell County Board of Education will meet this (Monday) evening for April meeting. This meeting is going to held virtually and not in person due to COVID-19. The full agenda is below…

1. Call to Order

2. At this time and given the extraordinary circumstances public agencies are confronting, it is not feasible under KRS 61.840 to precisely identify a primary physical location for a video teleconference at which the public may attend and view a public meeting conducted through video teleconference under the Open Meetings Act. Instead, because of the public health necessity of imposing social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, a public agency should precisely identify a website, television station, or other technological means by which the public may view a meeting conducted under the Act until the conclusion of the state of emergency.

3. Roll Call

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. A Resolution of the Russell County Board of Education Regarding Meeting Protocols for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

6. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of Minutes

B. Payment of Bills

C. Construction Funds

D. School Activity Fund Reports

E. Financial Report

F. Treasurer’s Monthly Report-March 2020

7. Lake Cumberland Regional College & Workforce Center Change Orders

8. FY-21 Salary & Extra Service Salary Schedules

9. 2020-2021 District Staffing and SBDM Allocation Policy

10. School Facilities Construction Commission (SFCC) Kentucky Education Technology System (KETS) Offer of Assistance

11. Russell County High School Boys & Girls Varsity Soccer Assistant Coaches

12. Memorandum of Agreement-Commonwealth of Kentucky

13. Special Education Consultant Position/Job Description

14. Addendum to SY 2019-2020 Certified Evaluation Plan

15. New York City, New York- Senior Trip Canceled

16. Public Comment

17. Adjournment

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