Effect of Coronavirus on County Government

What effect will the Coronavirus have on local governments? Today, WJRS Local News being an exclusive, three-day look at the budgetary impact the Coronavirus is having or may have on Russell County, the City of Jamestown, and the City of Russell Springs.

We spoke recently with Kim Fenske, who serves as County Treasurer under Judge-Executive Gary Robertson. Fenske told WJRS Local News that the extension of tax filing deadlines will be felt immediately as taxpayers now have until July 15th to file net profit returns and submit payments to the county…

Fenske said that although those payments will eventually be received, they will for the most part just be three months later. In addition, a significant portion of county revenues each year come from the occupational tax, which is paid quarterly. Fenske says there will be an impact on the revenues received from the occupational tax as a result of the widespread layoffs and businesses being closed, but the total impact will not be known until late July when those second quarterly payments are due…

County officials were recently notified by the Department of Local Government that previous estimates of county road aid money for next year are being revised and would be significantly less. It is hoped the Fiscal Court will hear the first reading of the county’s budget for next year at its next meeting on May 11th.

Fenske concluded by saying the county does expect to see some financial impact from the Coronavirus, although the magnitude is just not known at this time.

Tomorrow, WJRS Local News will talk with Russell Springs City Clerk Chris Ramsey about the City of Russell Springs.

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