COVID-19 Effect on City of Russell Springs

Today, WJRS Local News continues its three-part series on “The Effect of the Coronavirus on Local Governments”   Yesterday, we spoke with County Treasurer Kim Fenske.   Today, we talk with Russell Springs City Clerk Chris Ramsey.  

Ramsey says the City of Russell Springs made some adjustments early in the pandemic regarding city business operations…

Ramsey commended the community for its response and noted how good it was to see folks coming together in the effort.    A significant portion of the city’s revenues each year come in the form of occupational taxes, and it is still a little early to see what impact the forced closure of certain businesses will have…

 Ramsey did note that the city has been notified it will lose at least $6,000 in municipal road aid money, an amount Ramsey says he expects to get bigger.   Ramsey said the City has a history of operating on a conservative budget and will continue to do so. As Ramsey noted, “we are planning for the worse and praying for the best”    

Tomorrow WJRS Local News will talk with Jamestown City Clerk Tyler McGowan

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