Bill to Provide Economic Relief During Virus Passes State House

Economic relief for COVID-19-impacted businesses and workers–including extended eligibility for unemployment–has received final passage in the Kentucky House and is now headed to Governor Beshear for his consideration.

A key provision of the bill would extend unemployment eligibility to the self-employed, including many small business owners and gig workers who were not previously eligible for unemployment benefits under Kentucky law 

Other provisions of the bill would shield Kentucky taxpayers from tax filing penalties and interest due to an extension of the state’s tax filing and payments deadline in adherence with federal changes, and would also:

·         Allow government agencies or appropriate boards or commissions to waive license fees for businesses forced to close or significantly impacted

·         Help displaced workers access benefits quickly.

·         Protect small business owners forced to lay off workers by preventing an increase in the calculated unemployment rate.

·         Allow restaurants to repurpose their business plans to allow retail sale of items out the door without requiring new licensing

The bill provisions would be triggered immediately after the bill is signed into law by the governor or otherwise becomes law. The relief would sunset, or cease, once the current state of emergency ends by declaration of the governor or, otherwise, by action of the General Assembly in regular session. 

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