Leaders to Vote on Sanctuary County Measure Tonight

Will Russell County leaders elect to declare the county a second amendment sanctuary county?   That is the question to be answered tonight during a meeting of the Russell County Fiscal court.   The issue of declaring counties “sanctuary counties” for second amendment purposes has become a popular topic in recent weeks across the state.   Gun rights advocates have recently held rallies around the state, including last week at the State Capitol, in support of their position that there should be no laws with regard to the second amendment right to bear arms.   Legislation has been filed in Frankfort, known as a red flag law, which would establish a process for law enforcement and family members to seek the temporary, court ordered removal of firearms if the court determines a person possessing those firearms is mentally ill and a threat to the safety of others.    Advocates of the sanctuary county resolution argue that such laws are not necessary and unconstitutional.   Tonight’s meeting of the fiscal court will start at six o’clock.   WJRS News will have full details on local news tomorrow…

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