Governor Beshear Hopes to Hire More Social Workers in the State

Kentucky will hire at least 350 additional social workers if Governor Andy Beshear’s proposal budget plan is approved. During Tuesday night’s budget address, Beshear stated he was funding 350 new social worker positions across the state, citing increased worker caseloads. Beshear would fund the additional social workers, a cost of about $31.5 million, by increasing the tax on cigarettes and e-cigarettes by 10 cents per pack. 

Beshear said that social workers have too many cases, and that has dire consequences, as Abuse is not caught, kids fall through the cracks, and dedicated public servants burn out,”

WJRS LOCAL News talked yesterday with Russell County Attorney Kevin Shearer, whose office works directly with social services and social workers on a daily basis.   Shearer echoed some of the Governor’s comments and said the need for additional social workers is real”

Shearer said that access to social services is much easier today than ever. He said his office works with folks to gather information and pass along to the workers…

Shearer said the ability to more quickly get social services involved in a situation, and the state requirement that initial action be taken within 48 or 72 hours of receiving the information, all led to a system better designed to protect children and families. But, it has also resulted in the need for more social workers to meet the demands and needs of citizens.

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