911 board examines issues

The Russell County 911 board met Friday morning to discuss issues facing the county’s 911 operation.

The 911 board, which includes the county judge-executive, mayors from the City of Russell Springs and the City of Jamestown, as well as the sheriff, emergency management director, and chair of the ambulance board, examined some of the current issues facing 911 including staffing, pay, and funding.

At the meeting, the board gave approval to a couple of items aimed at helping address these issues.

The board approved a measure that would provide a $1.50/hour increase for dispatchers as a way to help recruitment efforts, with another 50 cents being added on to their wage after completing three years.

The board also voted to promote Kori Scaggs as the head supervisor over 911.

The board also considered some possibilities to better fund 911, such as a flat charge that would be placed on electric bills with the money being placed in a specific fund for 911 operations, but no action was taken.


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