Russell County voter turnout was under 38 percent, almost 6.5 percent less than 2019

Voter turnout in Russell County for the November General Election came in at just under 38 percent.

Russell County’s voter turnout was 37.92 percent with 5,369 ballots being cast in Russell County.

Statewide, voter turnout was just slightly higher at 38.07 percent.

How does that voter turnout compare to previous elections?

In 2019 during the last gubernatorial election, voter turnout in Russell County was 44.3 percent.

Going back to 2015, voter turnout in Russell County was noticeably lower at 33.9 percent.

In 2011, voter turnout locally was 33.8 percent and in 2007, voter turnout in Russell County was 39.3 percent.

Looking back at 2003, voter turnout in Russell County was 43.5 percent.

Voter turnout statewide in 2019 was at 44.2 percent.

Stay tuned to WJRS News tomorrow as we take a look at how Russell County’s voter turnout compares to other counties in the area.


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