Latest numbers show voter registration remains steady

Secretary of State Michael Adams recently announced that voter registration remains steady as the May 16 primary election approaches.

In March, 6,407 new voters registered while 4,798 were removed – 3,608 deceased voters, 539 voters convicted of felonies, 334 who voluntarily de-registered, 267 who moved out of state, and 50 adjudged mentally incompetent.

Republican registration accounts for 45.7 percent of the electorate with 1,585,414 voters. Republican registration increased by 1,328, a .08 percent increase.

Democratic registration accounts for 44.3 percent of the electorate, with 1,535,078 voters. Democratic registration decreased by 1,224, .08 percent decrease.

There are 345,539 voters registered under other political affiliations, making up 10 percent of the electorate. Other party registration increased by 1,505, a .44 percent increase.