Voter rolls decrease in 82 KY counties, including Russell

With a recent purge of the voter rolls complete, Secretary of State Michael Adams says that 82 of Kentucky’s 120 counties have seen a decline in voter registration since he took office.

In February, the state board of elections recorded 14,064 registered voters in Russell County. That’s less than the number recorded in January 2020 when Adams took office, when the number of registered voters was 14,181.

Overall, 3,792 voters were added in February, while 132,205 were removed – 127,436 inactive voters, 3,714 dead voters, 441 voters who moved out of state, 422 voters convicted of felonies, 44 adjudged mentally incompetent, and 148 who voluntarily de-registered.

Republican registrants account for 45.7 percent of the electorate, with 1,584,086 voters. Republican registration decreased by 51,299 voters, a 3.14 percent decrease.

Democrat registrants make up 44.3 percent of the electorate, with 1,536,302 voters. Democrat registration decreased by 62,171 voters, a 3.89 percent decrease.

There are 344,034 voters registered as Independent or under other political parties, 10 percent of the electorate. “Other” registration decreased by 14,943 voters, a 4.16 percent decrease.

NOTE: These numbers include a purge of inactive voters completed on February 10.