RC Animal Welfare League seeking location to use for mobile clinic parking, animal recovery

The Russell County Animal Welfare League is hoping to bring Somerset’s Hope for All Pets Low-Cost Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic to Russell County twice monthly.

“Providing a low cost Spay Neuter Clinic plays a huge part in solving the pet overpopulation within our community. It also helps our pets behavior and overall health,” Dori McCalvin, part of the group working on bringing the clinic to Russell County, said.

Clinics would be open for low-cost spay/neuter services for dogs and cats belonging to any Russell County resident on a pre-registration basis until all spots are filled.
“We know how important providing access to spay/neuter is in bringing down the numbers of homeless dogs and cats in our community, keeping dogs and cats out of shelters, and from possibly being euthanized because of pet overpopulation,” League President Connie Foster said.
“We know this is even more important as the fiscal court is currently working toward animal control solutions.”

In order to begin offering low-cost spay/neuter clinics, the Animal Welfare League must find a building in Russell County that would host the clinic two days per month, March through November.

What this would entail for the building owner is:
● allowing the mobile clinic to park outside the building and plug into an outdoor electrical outlet.
● providing a small indoor space where animals could recover following spay/neuter procedures. The indoor space would need to be heated and cooled and have running water. The building owner would not need to be on-site during clinics and Animal Welfare League volunteers would do all cleanup following each clinic.

Spay/neuter for dogs would cost $70 and would include the surgery, rabies vaccination, DHPP vaccination, and pain medication.

Spay/neuter for cats would cost $45 and include the surgery, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination, and pain medication.

The Animal Welfare League is looking at further options to provide additional financial assistance for services for pets owned by residents over the age of 65 and residents who receive public assistance.

If you have a building that could be used for clinics two days each month, or for further information, contact Animal Welfare League volunteers by email at RussellCountyAnimalWelfare@gmail.com, by phone at 270-321-1313, or on Facebook at Russell Co. Animal Welfare League.