Nearby Metcalfe County 1 of 14 Counties Awarded Grants to Clean Illegal Dumps

Gov. Andy Beshear and Kentucky Energy and Environment (EEC) Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman announced on Feb. 2, 2023, approximately $534,000 in grants for the cleanup of 62 illegal dumps in 14 counties across the commonwealth.

The grants will be used in the following counties and sites: Butler (4), Calloway, Carlisle, Christian (2), Hart (3), Hopkins, Johnson (4), Lawrence (4), Logan, Metcalfe, Pike (10), Scott, Warren and Wolfe (28).

The grant funding is used to clean sites where household solid waste such as couches, tires, coolers and bedding has been illegally dumped. Not only are these dumps an eyesore in municipalities, but they can be a health hazard due to exposed debris and vermin. Once cleaned, the sites offer locations for revenue-producing businesses.

“Kentucky families deserve for their communities to be clean and safe. Illegal dump sites can affect Kentuckians’ quality of life and the health and vitality of communities,” Gov. Beshear said. “Thousands of our people will benefit from this grant program.”

As part of the grant funding, counties must agree to provide a 25 percent match of the grant amount. The EEC may waive the 25 percent match on any individual illegal open dump where cleanup costs exceed $50,000.

“This grant has funded the cleanups for close to 2,700 dump sites across the state since its creation in 2006,” Secretary Goodman said. “I am encouraged that these communities have taken action through this wonderful program.”

Grants for the Illegal Open Dump Grant Program comes from the Kentucky Pride Fund, which is generated through a $1.75 environmental remediation fee for each ton of garbage dumped at Kentucky municipal solid waste landfills. This “tipping fee” was first authorized by the 2002 General Assembly under House Bill 174, for use in a dump cleanup reimbursement program, and for the remediation of historic landfills. In 2006, Senate Bill 50 changed the reimbursement program to a grant program and expanded the scope of the fund to address household hazardous waste collection and recycling infrastructure.

Kentucky has made significant progress in addressing the illegal dump issue thanks to this funding, along with statewide cleanup and educational campaigns by local, state and federal agencies.

For grant amounts, please call your local solid waste coordinator or contact Lisa Evans at 502-782-6355 or lisa.evans@kygov.

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