Council, event organizer clash over Lake Rattle and Roll

Thursday night’s meeting of the Jamestown City Council got off to a contentious start as Jeff Recker, a local business owner and co-organizer of the Lake Rattle and Roll event that took place in May, appeared before the council to give a report about the event and discuss remaining funds from the event.

Recker said he believed the event was a great success based on conversations with people, but the contentious portion of the meeting began after councilwoman Ada Lawson referenced an apparent discrepancy regarding donations that was included in Recker’s report he provided to the council.

The mix-up seemingly switched donation amounts between the City of Jamestown and Bank of Jamestown, a mix-up that Mayor Regena Hinton noted at the end of the report.

While being questioned by Lawson about the error in the provided report, Recker commented that he wasn’t obligated to provide the mentioned financial report, a comment that city attorney H.K. Cooper said he “vehemently disagreed with.”

Cooper noted that the city donated $20,000 for the event, and because of that, the council should know how funds are used.

A lengthy discussion ensued, with Cooper commenting at one point that he has heard questions and concerns from event sponsors about how the money given was used, to which Recker responded that none of those concerns had been brought to him.

Questions also arose over how remaining funds might be spent with differing opinions on whether they should be spent for improvements around the square or at the Jamestown City Park.

The only action taken during the meeting was a motion for Recker to supply the mayor’s office with invoices and checks from the event, which was unanimously approved by the council.

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