Two more COVID deaths reported in Russell County

Due to the surge of COVID cases, LCDHD numbers are incomplete. Each day for the past couple of weeks, there have been many more cases reported than we are able to contact and work. The numbers you are seeing in the report are the ones who were contacted/worked, but it represents a fraction of the true illness present in our communities. Please bear with us as we continue to work our hardest to contact as many positive cases as we are able to reach. We have prioritized our efforts to attempt to reach the most at-risk populations. If you are positive and have not been contacted, please follow the guidance from your provider or check our webpage for current recommendations.

Statewide Testing Positivity Rate: 31.37%.

Deaths: We regret we must report 12 new deaths since our last report. These include a Casey County resident (unvaccinated) and two Russell County residents (both unvaccinated). We also received notification of an additional nine deaths from the state audit of death certificates. These include seven Pulaski County residents (six unvaccinated and one vaccinated), a McCreary County resident (unvaccinated) and a Wayne County resident (unvaccinated). We have experienced a total of 851 deaths resulting in a 1.76% mortality rate (about 1 in 57) among known cases. This compares with a 1.22% mortality rate at the state level and a 1.24% mortality rate at the national level. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

Hospitalizations: We presently have 93 cases in the hospital. This is 1 more than what we reported in our last report. We have had a total of 1,904 hospitalizations resulting in a 3.94% hospitalization rate (about 1 in 25) among known cases. The state hospitalization rate is 3.47%. The latest data shows that 96.3% of Lake Cumberland’s ICU beds are filled, and 36.62% of ventilator capacity is being utilized.

Total (Cumulative) Cases: The Lake Cumberland District has experienced a total of 48,276 cases since the onset of the outbreak. This means that 23.11% of our total population has been a confirmed case. However, we do not know how many additional people may have had COVID-19 and were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and never tested.

Released (Not contagious) Cases: We released 173 cases since our last report from isolation. Released cases include: Adair: 21; Casey: 12; Clinton: 4; Cumberland: 3; Green: 22; McCreary: 28; Pulaski: 17; Russell: 15; Taylor: 17; and, Wayne: 34. In all, we have released 97.8% of our total cases.

Where Did Cases Visit Prior to Isolation: The most common places cases visited prior to isolation are (in descending order): Schools, Businesses, Long-term Care/Residential Facilities, and Family.

New Cases: We report that our total case count has increased by 266 since our last report. Our new cases (including suspect cases) are as follows: Adair: 27; Casey: 18; Clinton: 11; Cumberland: 8; Green: 25; McCreary: 42; Pulaski: 33; Russell: 16; Taylor: 35; and, Wayne: 51.

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