Filing Deadline for ALL Public Offices is Extended

Any person interested in running for public official this year will now have extra time to make that decision.   Late last night,

Governor Andy Beshear signed into law HB 172 which extends the filing deadline for all elected offices until January 25th.    The

measure was the first to pass this year’s legislative session which got underway on Tuesday.   The change in the filing deadline

was necessary due to the legislature’s failure last year to change the filing deadline to give themselves extra time to pass

legislative and judicial redistricting plans.    Those plans are still working their way thru the legislative process this week and

may be passed by both House and Senate tomorrow.    However, that would have been after the original filing deadline which

was today.     So, for all offices, from legislative and judicial seats to county offices to constable positions, the filing deadline is

now January 25th