Jamestown planning to take over its own ABC duties

The City of Jamestown could begin taking over its own Alcoholic Beverage Control duties with a new ordinance that was introduced at Thursday’s city council meeting.

Since alcohol sales began in the City of Jamestown, the county has handled ABC duties for the city, while taking a percentage of the sales for handling the administration of sales.

That initially began because the city wasn’t able to handle their own ABC duties due to the city’s size, but with changes to the law, the option is now available.

By handling their own ABC administration, the city could potentially double or triple its revenue from alcohol sales.

“This is a big step for Jamestown, a humongous stride,” Mayor Nick Shearer said. “This will be a big step for our police department and for the city’s bottom line.”

City Clerk Tyler McGowan will take on the job of being the city’s ABC Administrator.

The ordinance was introduced at last night’s council meeting and will be up for a vote at next month’s meeting.

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