Kentucky drivers ranked as “most polite” in new study

Kentucky drivers were ranked as the most polite in a new study.

Insurify, a company which compares car and home insurance, classified failing to yield, failing to stop violations, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs as the most extreme forms of rude driving.

Kentucky is the most polite state in the nation, with the lowest proportion of rude drivers compared to all other states. Kentuckian drivers tend to be courteous all around. They have significantly lower-than-average rates of failure to yield violations; specifically, failure to yield the right of way and failure to yield to a pedestrian are 79.4 and 69.9 percent lower than the national average, respectively. The proportion of tailgating drivers in Kentucky is 75.4 percent lower than the national average. The rate of hit-and-run violations in Kentucky is 62.6 percent lower than the national average, quite low compared to the vast majority of other states.

These states were ranked as having the rudest drivers: Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming, New York, Georgia, Ohio, Delaware, Iowa, Hawaii and Wisconsin.

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