Watching For Snow this Weekend

Winter has certainly been the name of the game this week so far in the Commonwealth and it could bring another shot of snow this weekend. First off your forecast today will consist of sunshine and what will feel like a heatwave, but don’t worry it is still going to be on the chilly side:)


Trying something a little different as you can tell with using Russell County pictures and overlaying the days forecast on that. Hope you guys like that. Let’s get into the next system that will start to roll in tomorrow and we are watching for some snow to develop on the backside. Here’s a couple of models and I want to show you why snow can be a pain to predict so many times. First let’s take a look at the NAM…

You can see the rain come through, begin to break up somewhat and then it tries to develop some snow on the backend. Now, check out the Canadian model…

Now this model shows a healthier amount of rain and then snow behind that. What do I think? I believe the models will look more like the Canadian model, but it goes to show that snow is so hard to predict. Like I say so many times it just takes one little change in the system in terms of speed or direction to make a world of difference. Still being a few days out I want to take more time to check out the models, but I do think there is at least the chance of seeing some snow early on Saturday.

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