Watching the Next Weather System for the Weekend

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone. It was nice to finally see some sunshine yesterday as it was an absolutely beautiful day. Hope all of you are staying safe and please continue to use all precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let’s first get a check of your forecast for today…

For the last few days we have been talking about the possibility of maybe a little snow late Friday into early Saturday morning. Just got the latest run on some of the models and I want to go over those with you. I will first start with the high-resolution NAM…



So as I am sure most of you can tell and what I see as well is there is really no wintry precipitation showing up. Another reason why I say winter weather can be so difficult. It will be interesting to see how the models look later on today and into Friday, but one thing I think I can say with certainty is there if there is any kind of snow at all it is definitely not going to be significant. We will still keep the chance of a few snow showers for early Saturday, but like I said I do not think it will amount to much. Could things change? That is most certain a possibility as you have heard me say one little change in the direction of a system can be a huge difference in the weather for a particular area. I will keep an eye on how the models look as we get into the late afternoon hours today and how they look come tomorrow.

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