First Call for Snowfall for Christmas Eve

Good Wednesday morning it is Christmas Eve Eve. Not going to waste much time first off our weather today will be sunny with clouds increasing and temperatures close to 60, and then get ready for some changes. Rain will move in tonight and as we go into the day on Christmas Eve (Thursday) that rain will begin to change to snow. How much snow could we see? Let’s start looking at some models starting with the NAM…


You can see both models are pretty similar, although the Euro has taken a slight turn and is calling for maybe less amounts of snow here in the Lake Cumberland Area. Speaking of totals, just to show how difficult it can be to make a snow amount prediction I am going to show you the models guesses on how much snow we could see. Let’s kick things off with the GFS…



You can see all three models are spitting out different numbers. We will get to our snowfall predictions in just a moment, but I do want to say that temperatures are going to be bitterly cold tomorrow night and on Friday. Lows drop to the teens both Thursday and Friday night so please make sure you have a heating source available and you may want to leave some faucets dripping to prevent water lines from freezing. I also think that we could see a little sleet/freezing rain tomorrow which could make for some rough driving in addition to any snow that we may see so please use extra caution if you are going to be on the roads. Before I present my thoughts on snowfall amounts I do want to say that this is totally subject to change and never take these to the bank. One slight change in movement or temperature can totally change the amount of snow we may see…

This is my current thinking as of this morning. I believe the further west you go the less chance you have of seeing any snowfall and then the further east you travel the better chance you will have of snowfall. We fall right into the middle and a lot can change between now and tomorrow, but this is what I am thinking as of this time. I will continue to watch as new model data comes in and adjust this as needed.

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