Voting In November Could Return to Normal, Secretary Adams Says

Deputy Clerk Hill Says Folks Are Concerned About Their Health

Will Kentuckians see a return to normal voting process for November’s General election? The answer is yes if Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams has his way.

Adams submitted a preliminary plan to Gov. Andy Beshear yesterday which does not include the expanded voting provision used in the June 23rd primary election which allowed all persons to vote by mail in absentee.

Russell County Deputy Clerk Ruth Hill told WJRS NEWS the clerk’s office hears from people frequently who are genuinely concerned about being limited to in-person voting. Hill says everyone wants things to return to normal as soon as possible, but she also wanted voters to feel comfortable exercising their right to vote.. but whatever decision is made, the clerk’s office will do their best to comply.

Beshear has said that he supports the process that was used during the June primary and is pushing Adams to allow mail-in voting in the Nov. 3 general election.

State law requires the two men to agree on a plan to conduct the election. With mail-in voting in June, voter turnout — almost 29 percent — was the highest in a Kentucky primary election since 2008. About 75 percent of all ballots were mailed in.