Russell Springs Fire Department Participates for 50th year in WHAS Crusade for Chidren

If you happened to travel a few of the major highways of Russell Springs this past weekend you may have happened across children and firemen flagging down vehicles.

No worries, it wasn’t an emergency, it was the Russell Springs Fire Department once again participating in the WHAS Crusade for Children charity event. Buckets in hand they were able to collect over $5,900 in these uncertain times.

The event, originating in 1954 by WHAS, was joined in its efforts in 1970 by Russell Springs. The result being 50 years of helping children with special needs by the city.

Russell Springs Fire Chief H.M. Bottom said the efforts have resulted in dividends for our county as over the years we’ve received grants that have allowed, among other things, the school systems first handicapped van, hearing equipment and braille services.

This year it was uncertain whether they would even hold the event locally, but the day before Bottom decided the children needed help now as much as ever.

Bottom expressed gratitude on behalf of the Russell Springs Fire Department for the contributions as well as the volunteers.

“We really want them to know that we appreciate what they gave, or if they just stopped and talked to us or blew the horn at us or whatever,” Bottom said.

“We appreciate the firemen, their wives and their families, because their families helped too.”

This year’s collection was only a few hundred dollars less than last year when the situation didn’t seem so uncertain, Bottom said.

“We just really appreciate what we got and it will go a long way and we just felt like we needed to do it this year even though things aren’t at their best,” Bottom said.