Reopening Process for Courts Across Kentucky

According to Chief Justice John D Minton Jr, the Supreme Court in Kentucky has released its reopening plan effective for June 1st.

All hearings should be conducted remotely, unless the judge determines that an in-person hearing is necessary.

If a matter requires an in-person hearing, several safety precautions must be observed, including limiting courtroom capacity, social distancing, facial coverings and frequent disinfecting of public spaces.

Entrance to court facilities is limited to individuals with a scheduled in-person hearing and those filing emergency protective orders, interpersonal protective orders and emergency custody orders.

All Kentucky Court of Justice officials and employees and all members of the public entering a court facility must wear a facial covering.

Members of the public are prohibited from bringing purses or similarly enclosed bags into court facilities, unless items in the bags are medically necessary.

Telework will be encouraged for any employee who is able to do so.

Staffing will be limited to 50%, unless an exception is granted by the Department of Human Resources.

.He said that in addition to the reopening order, the Supreme Court will issue specific guidance on driver’s license services and certain court matters, such as evictions and jury service, in the coming days.

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