Families with Kids in School System are Eligible for Financial Assistance

The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program, known as P-EBT, will provide assistance to households with children eligible for free or reduced-price school meals while

schools are closed due to COVID-19.

The P-EBT program provides a benefits card families can use to replace school meals while schools are closed.

Since Russell County schools have qualified for several years now to provide free meals for all students, this means that all families, regardless of income, are eligible.  The total benefit available is just over $300 per child.

Superintendent Michael Ford told WJRS News yesterday that under the program, households currently receiving public assistance will be enrolled


All other households must complete a simple application and once approved, these households will receive a benefits card within 10 business days.

Persons wishing more information may call toll free (888) 979-9949 Superintendent Ford also said that information on the new program will be mailed to parents next week along with all student’s grade cards.

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