County Budget Discussed at Monday’s Fiscal Court Meeting

The budget for main operations of county government will be largely unchanged for the upcoming fiscal year which begins July 1st.    

The county magistrates heard the first reading of next year’s budget during their monthly meeting on Monday.  County Treasurer Kim Fenske explained to the fiscal court members that overall, the budget will increase about One Point Three Five Million Dollars.   

However, Fenske explained, the increase in total budget from last year is due to a grant received for improvements at the airport in the amount of One Point Three Seven Million Dollars.     

The first reading of the budget shows the county operating on Three Point Five Seven Million dollar General Fund money.   Almost One Point Six Million in the county road fund, just over Two Point Six million in the jail fund, and just over Five Hundred Thousand Dollars to operate the county 9-1-1 center.   

Fenske said the almost Fifty Thousand Dollar increase from last year to operate 9-1-1 dispatch was due to increases in health insurance coverage for employees, and some new 9-1-1 mapping software for the county.    

Overall, the county’s annual budget is approximately Ten and a Half Million Dollars.   The magistrates will vote on the budget at their June monthly meeting.

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