Clinton County Man Pleads to Guilty to Murder

A Clinton County man pled guilty yesterday to murder and other charges in Russell Circuit Court.   

David Johnson, age 40 of Albany, was charged in connection with the death of Coty Lawhorn on June 8, 2018 in Russell County.    According to reports, Johnson went to a residence on highway 92 in Russell County where his two children were located with their mother, Jessica Lawhorn.     Johnson shot and killed Coty Lawhorn at the scene. 

He was also charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit the murder of his children’s mother; kidnapping, wanton endangerment, and custodial interference. Pursuant to his plea deal with Commonwealth Attorney Matthew Leveridge, Johnson received 35 years on the murder charge, 20 years on attempted murder and kidnapping, and 5 years on each count of custodial interference and wanton endangerment.  

All counts are to run concurrently, for a total sentence of 35 years.    Johnson waived all rights to a jury trial and formal sentencing, and Circuit Judge Vernon Miniard, Jr. imposed the 35-year sentence on Johnson.  

Johnson was already serving a 10-year sentence from Clinton County, according to court records.

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