The Effect of the Coronavirus on County Government

The coronavirus has affected nearly everyone, and local governments are probably no different.   WJRS Local News has reached out to the City Clerks in both Jamestown and Russell Springs, as well as the County Treasurer, to get their perspectives on how the virus, the public health requirements, and the closing of businesses has affected or will affect our local governments.   

Do our local governments expect a significant change in tax revenues, since all three rely to some degree on the occupational tax?   Will the operating budgets of our local governments be affected and, if so, in what ways and how soon?  

Join WJRS Local News starting tomorrow as we talk with Jamestown City Clerk Tyler McGowan, Russell Springs City Clerk Chris Ramsey, and County Treasurer Kim Fenske…….as we take a look at “the Coronavirus pandemic and what

It Means for Local Governments”  here on WJRS Local News      

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