Gas Prices Continue to Drop During Pandemic

Looking for some good news amid the coronavirus situation?   Well, gas is pretty cheap across Kentucky and even locally.   

Last week, some parts of Kentucky saw the average price for unleaded gas between a dollar two and a dollar nine per gallon.   Gas prices have dropped as fewer cars are on the road due in part to social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders. According to Triple A, yesterday’s average price per gallon across Kentucky was a dollar forty-three.  

The average price nationally yesterday was a dollar seventy-six. WJRS Local News did a survey at 6 pm last evening of more than 10 gas pumps in the county and found the lowest price per gallon at the Minit Mart in Jamestown, located next to Stephens Pipe and Steel, where the price for unleaded was a dollar thirty-five.    Five Star and Maple Street Shell were each at a dollar thirty-six.   All other stations surveyed were either a dollar thirty-eight or a dollar thirty-nine.  

Still, gas in Russell County yesterday was at least four cents per gallon cheaper than the statewide average.

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