Coronavirus Effect on City of Jamestown

Today, WJRS News takes a final look at the effect of the Coronavirus is having or might have on local governments. Yesterday, we spoke with Chris Ramsey, City Clerk in Russell Springs.

Earlier this week, WJRS News contacted Jamestown City Clerk Tyler McGowan.   McGowan told WJRS News that Jamestown was not yet seeing any adverse impact on occupational taxes thus far, although he stressed, much like Ramsey did yesterday and County Treasure Kim Fenske did on Wednesday, it is more likely any change in occupational tax revenues would come in the second quarter, and will not be known until July.  

Ramsey says he does not anticipate Russell Springs making any budgetary changes. However, McGowan pointed out that the city of Jamestown has staggered work schedules of some employees, have closed down the lobby of city hall, and have waived transaction fees to allow citizens to pay utility bills and the payments via credit or debit card.  

McGowan was much like Ramsey yesterday….the city will plan if necessary for the worst, but hope and pray for the best outcome as local governments await to see what financial impact they will see in the next few months.

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