Fires Caused by Holiday Decorations

According to the National Fire Protection Association, home fires that began when holiday decorations caught fire caused an average of three civilian deaths, 34 civilian fire injuries and $12 million in direct property damage per year from 2013 to 2017.

In 44 percent of these fires, the decoration was too close to a heat source. The NFPA says to ensure that decorations are kept at least three feet away from heat sources, especially candles. Fifty-seven percent of December home decoration fires were started by candles, compared to 32 percent in January through November. In addition, December is also the peak month for candle fires as sixty percent of home candle fires started because a flammable item was too close to the candle. In 13 percent of the fires, the candle was left unattended or abandoned. The NFPA reminds everyone to never leave candles unattended while burning inside your home.

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