Showers and Thunderstorms Remain the Forecast Today

Good Thursday, everyone. Showers and thunderstorms are still trying to develop to our west, so just make sure and keep an eye on things through the rest of the afternoon and evening hours. Not expecting anything severe, but cannot rule out an isolated strong storm or two.


I think most of the day Friday will be dry with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 80’s. That chance of showers and thunderstorms will increase as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours however.

There’s the latest HRRR model beginning tomorrow morning. You can see what appears to be a line of showers and thunderstorms that has that backward C shape to it which is called a bow echo. We look for this in lines of storms, and that tells us there could be some damaging winds. This paticular run of the model has the storms coming in late afternoon into tomorrow evening. This is something we will certainly keep an eye on.

Latest severe weather outlook from the Storm Prediction Center on Friday has most of our area in that green level 1 “Marginal Risk” while the yellow level 2 “Slight Risk” is just off to our west.


As always we will keep an eye on everything weather related and keep you up to date with the very latest.

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