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Neighbors of Meat Rendering Facility Voice Complaints at Fiscal Court Meeting; Ask County Leaders For Help

Magistrates(photo–Magistrates Greg Popplewell, Ronald Johnson, Jimmy McQueary and Larry Holt view photographs provided by citizens upset with odors & conditions at A & S Proteins)

A group of more than 20 citizens who live near a “meat rendering” facility north of Russell Springs attended Monday night’s regular monthly meeting of the Russell County Fiscal Court asking county leaders for their help.

Several members of the group openly voiced their complaints about A & S Proteins which is located adjacent to Gaddie-Shamrock and just north of the Russell Springs Elementary School.  The complaints include what the residents say is an almost daily “atrocious smell”….health & safety concerns….loss of quality of life….and depreciation of home and property values.

Several of the citizens said they feel they have been getting the “run around” from various local, state and federal agencies over the past several weeks and nothing seems to be getting done to improve the situation.

County Judge Executive Gary Robertson said that he, County Attorney Kevin Shearer and State Representative Jeff Hoover held a meeting on Friday, February 28th with state agriculture and state veterinarian officials responsible for oversight of regulations governing “meat rendering facilities” and they were assured inspectors would  respond to the complaints.

Judge Robertson asked each citizen attending the meeting upset with A & S Proteins to provide their name, telephone number and address and that he & County Attorney Shearer would contact state officials again Tuesday morning to further discuss the continued complaints and again request an investigation into the facility’s operations.

Week before last, in response to a request by WJRS NEWS for a statement about its operations, CEO Logan Antle said in a prepared statement that A & S Proteins is in full compliance with all state and federal regulations pertaining to rendering facilities.

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